A Damaged Childhood is a webcomic created by Justin Voss.  The comic was created in the duration of the creator changing a nappy wondering how the Little Teapot felt about being called "short" and "stout".

2013-05-06-Teapot 001

The first aDC comic

The comic began in May 2013 with it's first comic for I'm a Little Teapot.  The webcomic was originally released as a gag-a-week still with mixed methods for delivery from single panel gags, to three panel punchlines, to whatever medium Justin felt necessary to deliver his punch line.  The variations of the style are part of the excitement for the comic as it's intention is to deliver the story within however deemed necessary.

By the end of November 2013, Justin wanted the comic to become something more.  This was not in spite of being able to come up with material but rather to progress Justin as a comic creator and take the comic to the next ln an ongoing story-based page format releasing in issues.

2014 will see the re-launch of a Damaged Childhood as Justin is planning to release the first pages end-Jan/early-Feb for fans of the comic.