Buzz Hero

Buzz Hero is the main protagonist of the comic series.


It is not yet known how Buzz arrived in the Storyverse or why he is even there.

Apperance & EquipmentEdit

Buzz is a man in his late-twenties to early-thirties.  He is average height and average build, not overweight and not buff.  He just is.


One of Buzz's features is his awesome, long, grizzly beard.  The beard is full face, including moustache, and reaches down below his nipples.  Not much is known as to whether or not the beard possesses unwordly powers apart from it being completely rad.


Buzz wears dark maroon jeans and a plain mint green shirt.  He also wears grass green high-top sneakers with thunderbolts on the ankles.  His dress would suggest he is somewhat of a hipster, particularly with the way in which his hair is styled (quiffed) and that amazing beard.


It is unknown at this stage as to whether Buzz uses, or is skilled in, weaponry.

Personality & Character TraitEdit

Buzz is care-free and relaxed and while it is unknown as to how Buzz arrived in the Storyverse, it doesn't seem to bother him at all that's he's there.


It is unknown whether it is due to loneliness or a mental state, but Buzz is known to have conversations with his pants (who do not respond).

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